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To promote the HR quality to a new standard, and to approach the international first-class level, the strategy includes introducing talents, retaining talents and providing a supportive and stimulating environment for them to stimulate their full potential.

HR Culture

Creating a strict and creative work environment for our people to enoughly  show their capacity and creativity ingenuity. grow into top professionals, providing best products and service to our clients, and achieve success both of copany and each individual talent.
Value knowledge, exacting, experience, creativeness
Ruirui,  a school of cultivating talents, and an ever-victorious team.

To intensify the knowledge, skill and capability of staff members, to stimulate ideal, enthusiasm and creativity of personnel, to improve behavior, services and achievements of employees, and to make human resources as one of the core competitive competence  for the sustainable development of the company, we are making every effort to create benefits and incentive system, providing diverse training opportunities for career development and setting up performance management system.

        Salary and Welfare Plans
        To keep it competitive, the salary closely links up with ability and performance.
        We also pay attention to provide a full welfare plan.

        Study and Training Opportunities
        • On-line training system that is accessible to all personnels
        • Training plans according to specific personalities of our employees
        • Tutors on trainings of professional and management skills for new employees
        • Overseas training programs for outstanding employees

        Career Planning
        The human resources system provides various channels on the employees' career development.
       The Company guides employees in their career planning, encourages the employees to design their career plans through multiple paths.

        Ruirui  is not lack of employees, but we welcomes all talents from all over the world to create a harmonious working environment together!
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