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Welcome to Ruirui factory!

We are a reliable china clothing and bag OEM/ODM manufacturer.

Our design:
We have our own design team, 10 skilled designers, and facilities such as CAD software,.
OEM/ODM Facility
1  Gerber CAD software,
2  overcast, snap button beating machines
3  3 sets of cutting machines
4  350 sets of sewing machine

Mainly from mainland of China, HK, Korea, including cotton, hemp, chemical fabric materials etc.

Quality Control
purchase support: we inspect 100% raw materials when enter into our warehouse.

hardware support: imported sewing machines, ironing machines, inspect needle machines, pattern making machines etc.
Talent support: we have dozens of QCs, all QCs have many years of experience in their position, they are sophisticated

Procedure/Testing Details
QC do 100% inspection of the semi-manufactured goods in every stream lines.
The last chanel inspector do 100% quality inspection after ironing and locked
corresponding personnels do random sample inspection
The operation supervisor take part in the working procedures to do confirmed inspection Quality director will supervise the quality inspection of every department

Produce capacity: we have more than 400 experienced workers, we can produce 200,000-300,000 units per month.
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Mini mark work room
Cutting workshop
Pattern work room
Designer room
Office room
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Address:Area A, 6th floor, 1st block, Yuzhou industrial park, Nanda road,Panyu district, Guangzhou city, China